Carry light. 

Having the Milkchic means you don't need to carry an extra set of parts everywhere.

(nor wipes, steamer, ziplock bags, antibacterial soap or any other cleaning supplies you had to lug around). 

Badass moms can't be washing their pump all day. 


The Milkchic pump bag was innovated and designed by working, pumping, women who had enough with high maintenance pumping.

Alicia's Milkchic comes with a disinfection compartment to sanitize your pumping supplies in between pumping sessions.



does the cleaning for you.



Making Pumping Suck Less.

Less annoying pumping.

Cleanup is a pest. The Milkchic does the work for you, sterilizing your parts thoroughly and hassle free.

Win your lunch time back.

The Milkchic sterilizes your pump parts on the go, without stealing time away from your break. 

The nuts and bolts...

Hygienic, suits all standard pumping supplies and maintains their shape.

Fits all best selling breast pump brands.

Dimensions: 12"x 8.5"x16.5" (Strap drop: 9.5") | Weight: 4.6lb
Upper Compartment lining composition: 100% Cotton
Lower Compartment lining composition: 100% Polyurethane 
Metal: Iron and Brass​ | 
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion.

Comes with a USB charging cable. View our return policy here.

As clean as it gets.

The Milkchic's innovative Germicidal UVC system eliminates 99.9% of the germs.

How it works?

Rinse or wipe down any residues of breastmilk (you can use baby wipes). Throw the parts in the Milkchic's bottom compartment and tap 'on'. 99.9% of the germs and bacteria are eliminated within 3 minutes.